Yubari melon, cultivated in Yubari City, Hokkaido, represents Japan’s premium fruit. Its beautifully netted skin, vibrant orange flesh, sweetness over 15 degrees Brix, and rich fragrance qualify it as the “King of Fruits.” The unique taste of Yubari melon is developed from the volcanic ash-rich soil and the significant temperature difference between day and night in Yubari City.

Each Yubari melon undergoes rigorous inspection for sugar content, net density, and shape before being graded and shipped, ensuring a world-class quality melon for your enjoyment.

How to Choose and Enjoy

When selecting a Yubari melon, look for one with a round shape, prominently thick netting, and a stem that is green and taut. It’s important to choose a melon with a sense of weight, bright and uniform skin color, and well-defined net patterns. For the best taste, we recommend refrigerating the melon before slicing it into your preferred sizes after removing the seeds from the center.

Storage and Consumption

Yubari melons should be refrigerated but brought to room temperature before eating to enhance the softness and sweetness of the flesh. Wrap the ripe melon in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for early consumption. Unused portions should also be wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the refrigerator to maintain optimal flavor and texture.


The ripeness of a Yubari melon is very important. Choose a melon at its peak ripeness but never press on the melon to check its ripeness. Pressing the bottom can cause the melon to lose its integrity, significantly affecting its taste. As with other foods, be mindful not to overeat.

Through Yubari melon, we hope you can experience the rich nature of Hokkaido and the passion of its farmers. Our store offers carefully selected Yubari melons, and we eagerly await your visit. Please enjoy the unparalleled sweetness and aroma of this exquisite fruit. For everyone visiting Hokkaido, Yubari melon is a must-try delicacy.